Here is a very unique watch face for your Android Wear, if you want a moving images well the GIF Watch Face is for you,  the watch face preview a random GIF for your watch face when you check on the time making it fun and not boring at all.

It’s a unique watch face for your Android Wear, the GIF’s are cools some are funny some are ok, but one thing is for sure it gives you a good laughs making your day injected with a bit of fun, the GIF watch face looks cool, over a hundred GIF’s for your watch face (make it sure you have full Wi-Fi bandwidth), but still it’s a great app…we love it.'

 With the positive review from the users and a user request to have a feature that you can select your own GIF, well the developer says that they will release an update with that option. Download it now as the GIF watch Face is only FREE for a LIMITED TIME

Name: GIF Watch Face - Android Wear
Developer: Little Labs
Category: Personalization
Website: None


GIF watch Face put the animated GIF on your watch, Watch a quick animated GIF every time you check the time! It features a random animated GIF for a quick laugh when you check the time, new popular GIFs pushed to your watch every hour.

Author:Tony J
Je –Android Wear Developer .
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