\Experienced the Pip boy character right on your Android Wear watch, check out the app “Wear Boy 3000” a watch face for your Android Wear. The watch face is based on the Pip Boy Character on the electronic device manufactured by RobCo industries. The Pip Boy character also appeared in Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas.

The Theme watch is the first watch face with a character on it, with date and time details, we love the color for the watch face really looks retro, so far the watch face don’t have an option to change the colors so stick to the original color of the watch, hopefully the developer will add an option for the color on the watch face, as well as changing font size and style, overall the watch face looks good we love it.

Name: Wear Boy 3000
Developer: Impulse Soft
Category: LifeStyle


Fallout's Pip-Boy 3000 like themed watch face for Android Wear devices. Specially for Fallout fans. Supports all-known Android wear devices

Author:Tony J
Je –Android Wear Developer .
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