Here is another unique and good looking watch face for your Android Wear device, “Watch Face The Tourbinator”, a watch face with complex gears turning, somewhat shows the inner working of your watch through animation.

The Watch Face The Tourbinator has a transparent watch face that shows the animation, it has also a whole complex gears animation that rotates as a whole when tilting wrist because of the programmed accelerometer.

Plus the watch face has tons of option to personalize the complex gear animation, from the hour and minute hand. According to the developer you can at least create 1280 combinations with the different options of the watch face.

Name: Watch Face The Tourbinator
Developer: Scoop Design
Category: Personalization


Tourbinator is the most fantastic smart watch face, has complex transparent animations with gears turn in a complex way to give you that realistic look. This watch is made for Android Wear watches like the Motorola 360 and the LG G Watch Round. It includes a square dial so it can be used on square watches like the LG ZenWatch.

Author:Tony J
Je –Android Wear Developer .
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