Lost phone finder, find my phone, search my lost phone and similar applications are available in Google Play and seems like it’s not enough even Google  added the functionality to Android Wear itself. Well it’s good to have this feature but I think Google Play is already full of this type of app.

What if it’s the other way around? What is you can’t find your smartwatch, misplaced it somewhere, is there an app to find your lost watch? We’ll we got an app for that, introducing “Find My Watch”, the app will help you find your watch using your smartphone. It’s a very useful tool for locating your lost watch, a great app to have it in your Android Wear watch.

  Find My Watch has three options to locate your lost watch. You can find it using the microphone and flashing the screen. Find your watch using the vibrate function and flashing the screen. And according to the developer you have option to install the app on the watch that is currently lost and locate it using the app. Again it’s a great tool if your Android Wear watch, never lose your smart watch again.


Name: Find My Watch
Developer: PPTalkin
Categories: Tools


The app helps the user find their lost Android Wear watch by flashing the screen and vibrating the watch. It also more uniquely uses the watches microphone to help one find the watch. The audio picked up by the watches mic is transmitted to the phone so you can hear what the watch hears on the phone. By calling out to the watch and walking around you hear you voice getting louder as you get closer to the watch until you find it.

Author:Tony J
Je –Android Wear Developer .
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