For the YouTube fans with Android Wear watch this might the app that you have been waiting for, “Video for Android Wear&YouTube” by appfour. 

This Android Wear app will let you watch video from YouTube right on your Android Wear watch, yes YouTube on your watch, we don't know if how the app will affect the battery life of your watch but still it's a good one to have this on your watch. The app does have additional features such as cast any video to your Chromecast and use your watch as a remote, pause and resume videos. 

 The feature to to search videos, related videos with search predictions is also a handy addition to make searching videos much more easy. 

Name: Video for Android Wear&YouTube 
Developer: appfour 
Category: Media and Video 


Video player for Android Wear smartwatches, powered by YouTube.View YouTube vidoes on your Android Wear smartwatch, Customize your YouTube experience, choose channels to show on your watch (full version only. 

Author:Tony J
Je –Android Wear Developer .
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