Want something fun in your Android Wear watch? It's time to load it with an entertaining game. Check out Spooky House: Pumpkins Wear.

Spooky House Pumpkins Wear will surely kill your boredom, have fun smashing pumpkins on your Smartwatch. Despite the small screen on the Smartwatch, the game was able to provide some cool entertainment with its cool animations and quality graphics. At least 9 game modes, classic, shooter, swapper, chill-out, Pumpkin Invasion, turn by turn.

You can also set at least 5 animation speed settings and other options.

Name:Spooky House: Pumpkins- Wear
Developer: Spooky House Studio
Category: Puzzle

Explode and Smash pumpkins in this Halloween inspired game by Spooky House Studios. Spooky Pumpkin Crush is pure and addicting fun!


- Chain reaction pumpkin Explosions!
- Funny and slick animations
- Spooky sounds
- Night mode
- 9 game modes: Classic, Shooter, Swapper, Chill Out, Pumpkin Invasion, Turn By Turn, etc..
- Bonuses for exploding pumpkin groups of nice shapes: squares, lines, corners, etc…
- Undo up to 10 moves back
- 5 animation speed settings : Slow Motion, Normal, Fast, Turbo, and Animations Off
- Saves game on exit or a phone call

Check it out on Google Play
Author:Tony J
Je –Android Wear Developer .
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