Yes we all experience this, taking selfie photos is not an easy task. Taking photos with a group or alone using your camera in a landscape mode is hard, with the large smartphone, reaching for the camera button is difficult, the only solution is to create a self timer for the camera, pose and smile.

How we wish there is a better way to take selfies, now there is a solution. With the aid of a Smartwatch specifically Android Wear watch, you can now take selfie photos easy with just a twist of you watch. Check out the app the app Twistie-Wear for Android Wear just rotate/twist your watch to take a selfie.

Name: Twistie Wear
Developer: Vin Var Soft Photography
Twistie Wear – selfies using watch. How difficult is it to press the round button on your camera in landscape mode to take a selfie/group using your large phones. It is easy now with Twistie. Rotate/twist your watch to take selfie.
Author:Tony J
Je –Android Wear Developer .
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