No need to buy expensive baby monitor that is unreliable, a simple app from Google Play will do. Check out this app, “ Wear Baby Monitor”.

Wear Baby Monitor is a good app to have if you want to monitor the activity of your baby even though you are not on his/her side. Keep a constant watch on your baby with this Android Wear app, the features and function is simple, just install the Android app and automatically it will b connected to your Android Wear device. Once your baby wake-up, you will receive a notification regarding your baby, alerting you that your baby is on activity mode again.

Name: Wear Baby Monitor
Developer: Stoneface Tool

Wear Baby Monitor is a brand-new app that allows parents to keep a watchful eye on their child no matter where they are.

To use Baby Monitor, just install the app on your Android device. The app also installs automatically on the connected to the device Android Wear watch.
Author:Tony J
Je –Android Wear Developer .
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