Augmented reality has been around for several years, its one of the unique way to interact with technology. Its already been experienced in augmented reality devices, mobile phones and other gadgets. And now you will experience it right on your wearable.

Introducing Tilt, the first app of its kind (augmented reality) to be available for wearables. Play an augmented reality game with the aid of your smartwatch. Play a game on your smartphone while using your smartwatch as a controller.

Name: Tilt Augmented Reality
Developer: 13 App Design
Category: Casual
Tilt is the first of its kind augmented reality App for Android Wear smartwatches.

View your Android Wear smartwatch through your Android smartphone to display the augmented reality game.
Tilt wrist/watch back/forth and up/down to roll the sphere in the Augmented scene to pick-up boxes without falling.
Casual, fun, and challenging game play.

Check it out on Google Play
Author:Tony J
Je –Android Wear Developer .
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