Android Wear’s arsenal of app is growing day by day. Now a good app again is added to the list, check out the “Documents for Android Wear”.

The app allows the user to documents on your Android Wear device like Google Docs, worksheets, slide presentation and even PDF files. You might be thinking, how can you view documents in a small device? Well you can pinch zoom, tap zoom and drag documents. You can also scroll documents  or go to a specific page by tapping the page number.

Name: Documents for Android Wear
Category: Productivity


View Google docs, sheets, slides and PDF documents from your phone or Google drive on your Android Wear smartwatch.

To open a document you can:
- Start "Documents" on your smartwatch to see recently used documents from your phone or Google drive. Use the phone app to sign into your Google Drive account(s)
- Search for documents with the wearable app
- Open PDF attachments from "Wear Mail" directly on your smartwatch
- Choose "Share with Wear Documents" on your phone to open any file directly.

Author:Tony J
Je –Android Wear Developer .
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