Another watch face for your Android Wear device, check out “HuskyDev Active Weather Watch Face”. The watch face.

The watch face is full of customization options, you can change the animation, the background, it is also set automatically according to the current weather. The watch face has an indicator for battery, weather and even pedometer. There is also a day and night mode. Other option includes colors for tie, enable animations in interactive mode, customize temperature and wind speed units.

HuskyDEV Active Weather Watch Face for Android Wear 5+.
Cute and nice looking animations, Custom background for every weather.
HuskyDEV Active Weather Watch Face includes:

  • Background color is changing according to current weather
  • Animations of clouds, boat and hot air balloon
  • Daily weather including sunset, sunrise time, wind speed, highest and lowest day temperature
  • Weather forecast for next days
  • Indicator for watch battery with detailed info
  • Indicator for weather with detailed info
  • Indicator for steps, with detailed Google Fit data for current day
  • Day and night mode changing by sunrise and sunset according to local weather forecast

Author:Tony J
Je –Android Wear Developer .
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