Maybe this is the answer to access your notifications fast in Android Wear. Jorsay, no more accessing your notifications with two hands. The Jorsay app (Hindi for Aloud) allows you to access your notifications by just shaking your watch twice, your Android Wear watch will speak the notifications aloud, hands free.

Its a great feature, I just wonder why it hasn’t been implemented before to Android Wear. The built in text-to-speech system of Android Wear is able to speak the text fast and clear so no issues with that. Just make sure that your Android Wear device do have a speaker. Anyways the app is free, you can downloading right away.

Name: Jorsay
Developer: Mocha17
Category: Tools


JorSay, your phone reads the incoming notification aloud if you ask it to, just by shaking your watch. It eliminates the need of scrolling and swiping around on the tiny screen of the watch - actions that require using both hands, while you could be in the middle of something else, like driving.

Check it out on Google Play
Author:Tony J
Je –Android Wear Developer .
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