Sleep as Android, a smart alarm clock for Android just added support for Android Wear. The app features a sleep tracking technology that gently wakes you app instead of just shock you with a loud sounds to wake you app similar to a typical alarm clock.

The support for Android Wear means some of the features of the app will be integrated to Android Wear. Anyways the sleep as Android features anti-snoring, lullabies for better sleep as well as Spotify Integration.

Name: Sleep as Android
Developer: urbanDroid Team
Category: LifeStyle

Description: Smart Alarm clock with sleep cycle tracking. Wakes you gently in optimal moment for pleasant morning.
Features: Sleep Cycle Tracking
Smartwatch Tracking
Spotify integration
Smart Alarm – great mornings with natural wake-up
Anti-Snoring (sleep talking recording)
Author:Tony J
Je –Android Wear Developer .
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